Looking For A Caretaker?

Our family is currently looking for a caretaker position in Upstate NY, but will consider any location or state. We would love to help you run your farm or estate in exchange for room and board. Job would include organic gardening, cleaning, home cooking, preserving and canning, lawn maintenance, animal care, and friendship. We are honest, hardworking, drama-free, and folks who stand by their faith, family and music. We homeschool, believe in sharing resources, and are big on helping others succeed. Children are thoughtful, well behaved and bring joy to others through their kind ways. Several excellent references available for the asking. Must love children and have similar traditional values. We will be selective in where we go as this will be a life changing event for both parties. A right fit is a must! If you need a dose of family and help keeping up with things, send us an email at: thebandanastazja@gmail.com